Gates open at 9AM – Open Racing begins at 10:30


This year we have added “DIALING FOR DOLLARS” to our event.


Click here for more information on “DIALING FOR DOLLARS”


Below is information that I hope you will find helpful:


·        There are no classes – this is intended to be fun, heads up racing!

·        Track length is ¼ mile

·        Track width 60 feet

·        Shutdown distance approximately 4000 feet

·        For those who need 60’ times, they will be included on your time slip

·        Pick up your time slips at the table located on the return strip, across from the pits

·        Open racing will end at 1:30 pm and  DIALING 4 DOLLARS” will begin at 2 pm. 

·        If you wish to race in “DIALING 4 DOLLARS” , please turn in your dial-in time at the registration table between 1:30 and 2:00 pm

DIALING 4 DOLLARS” payoff  will take place at the Cruise-In/Car Show Registration located at Sloppy Joe’s Diner on S. Main St., beginning at 7:30 pm


This is, of course, our first time out with this type of racing.  I am sure there will be a few glitches along the way.  Please be respectful of the staff.  They are ALL volunteers and give of their time to try to create a fun day of racing for all.

 If you have questions or concerns of any kind, feel free to grab me and let me know what we can do better.  It won’t be hard to recognize me!  An old gray haired guy, running around like a one armed paper hanger!

Finally, if you would be interested in attending additional racing events (or not) in Eureka during the summer, please circle your preference below and return this sheet to the registration table prior to 5 pm.  If I can get enough racers who would be interested in coming back I will work on promoting the sponsors to put on more events.

Thanks for coming and have a GREAT day of racing!!!

Ken Jones, Race Director